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Automobile Accident lawsuits are now being filed!


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…And the Types of Vehicles in Crashes are the Most Common on the Road

Since 99% of injuries are not fatal, you will be able to help yourself in just 5 minutes or less through . Most accidents do results in some sort of significant vehicle damage. These days even a fender bender costs $3,000 for a piece of fiberglass and some paint. It may seem scary that 1% actually perish, but even their family members or friends can help them benefit as well. Every motor vehicle accident is worth exploring compensation rights.

Is Your State the Most Dangerous to Drive a Vehicle?

Did you ever wonder where the worst States are to drive a car? We have a ranking of all 50 States and from worst to first in terms of automobile accidents, related fatalities, cross referenced roads and population, and a variety of other factors. What State do you or your family members drive in? If they have been in an automobile accident within years, they should see what they can claim for monetary damages. Look at the chart below to see where your state falls. The higher in the chart the State, the higher the chance you will be involved in a motor vehicle accident. So even if you are fine today, don’t forget you can help yourself file a claim and potentially get compensation if and when an accident does take place.

Worst States for Automotive Related Deaths

(Ranked Worst to First)
State Rank
South Carolina 50
Louisiana 49
Arizona 47
Kentucky 46
Mississippi 45
Texas 44
New Mexico 43
Oklahoma 42
Arkansas 41
Montana 40
Wyoming 39
Nevada 38
North Carolina 37
Georgia 36
South Dakota 34
Tennessee 32
North Dakota 31
West Virginia 30
Oregon 29
Idaho 28
Missouri 27
Indiana 26
Colorado 25
Michigan 24
Nebraska 23
Kansas 22
California 21
Ohio 20
Alaska 19
Maine 18
Hawaii 17
Pennsylvania 16
Utah 15
Maryland 14
Wisconsin 13
Iowa 12
New Hampshire 11
Vermont 10
Virginia 9
Washington 8
Illinois 7
New Jersey 6
New York 5
Conniticut 4
Minnesota 3
Rhode Island 2
Massachusetts 1

Don’t hesitate if you have been injured an automobile accident, it takes no time. You could claim millions of dollars for your pain and suffering, so why not find out today? You probably didn't know you could be owed money for your situation, so it is time to speak up!